Monday, February 8, 2016

Come Under the Roof of the House of My Soul: Pre-Communion Prayers for Children with printable

I was listening to this Raising Saints podcast about praying before communion with children. She discusses teaching children some prayers that they can pray. Although the languge of our prayers is sometimes complex, it is also full of beautiful imagery, and I thought the example she used is perfect. The picture of our hearts being like a manger, prepared to receive Christ, is a good image for children.

I typed up a few simple sheets with the words of this prayer, and some drawing prompts. I want them to hear the whole prayer, but I think memorizing the whole thing would be daunting to my young children. I put the words we will memorize in bold, and then divided them into 4 sections. We'll draw a picture to go with each of the 4 sections as we work on memorizing a little at a time. Sorry, no pictures, we'll let the kids make it pretty this time! Here's the download.

I would love to also include these prayers in our family prayers on Saturday night, (or before other Liturgies), but bedtime prayers are always the hardest for us! But we'll do our best.

I have always loved the pre-communion prayer that mentions the women who touches the hem of Christ's robe, (yet we dare to receive his whole body!), so perhaps that would be another prayer to focus on another day.

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