Wednesday, April 23, 2014

St. George Day Dragon bread

Christ is risen!

We celebrated Pascha with a little feast and egg hunt at our mission this week. We all traveled to different churches for the feast day, so it was nice to get back together and celebrate as a parish. It also happened to be the feast day of St. George, so I made dragon bread for our feast. 
I've seen several great ideas for dragon-shaped bread, but I didn't remember until the very last minute - so I used canned crescent rolls, twisting and shaping them, making it up as I went. I used olives for the eyes, and put some cheese along the back and some stuffed inside the body. I also used sunflower seeds for the claws, but they fell off after baking. I thought it turned out pretty cute! Next year, we'll try it again from scratch. 

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