Saturday, February 18, 2012


O brethren, come be fore the end, and seeing that we are earth, 
and the fact that our nature is in firm,
let us be hold that we are vile and see what our end is like 
and the organs of our vessel made of flesh, 
and that every man is but dust, food for worms, and decay; 
that our bones are dry and have no breath.
Let us look into the graves. 
Where is the glory? Where is the beauty of our form? 
Where is the tongue that spoke so well? 
Where is the eyebrow, and where is the eye? 
All is but dust and a shadow. Therefore, O Savior, spare us all.
 - from matins of Saturday of Souls

 All Saints icon; Christ is enthroned in heaven surrounded by the ranks of angels and saints. At the bottom is Paradise with the bosom of Abraham(left), and the Good Thief (right). (Description from Wikipedia)

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