Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Church Year - Printable Wheel

Just in time for the church new year (and our first official year of homeschooling)! I have been wanting to make a church calendar for several years, and it finally seemed like the right time. I saw one somewhere, I think on the Antiochian website, but I'm having trouble finding it now (ah, here it is). But I really wanted to make one that could be used for more than just one year.

So I made a wheel, with adjustable parts. The moveable feasts are on the outer wheel, and the fixed feasts are on the middle wheel. The inner wheel has a circle for you to add your family's patron saints or other special days you remember, and then a circle for the months of the year and the seasons. I left the fixed feasts separate from the months/seasons so that it can be used with either the old or new calendar.

The feasts are color coded by the liturgical colors mostly (the weeks of preparation in the Triodion is light purple, although I'm not really sure what color is correct there), and the blocks of color are intended to span from the feast to its leavetaking. Pretty simple! At least, I hope. I'm not sure I got all the proportions right on the moveable feasts, those weeks are looking a bit big to me... I'll have to look at the calendar a bit and see, and if I make changes I'll post them here. Please let me know if you see any errors or think of any improvements - I'd love to make these really functional so it can be used for many years.

You can print it (cardstock is best), cut out, and assemble it either with a brad or on a bulletin board with a push pin. Download the printable below. And please do let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Ooohhhh! The math teacher in me is very impressed! I'll test it out and let you know if I have any trouble with it. I love the ring that allows you to personalize.

monica said...

i am loving your website and printables. thank you for using your graphic arts skills to bless us all

Unknown said...

I don't see the download on this page. This is perfect. I would love to use this.

Laura Wilson said...

Huh, that's funny, the widget disappeared. I've updated it so its back! Hope you enjoy it!

A Do said...

Hello! What a great calendar! Can the download button get fixed?