Monday, February 24, 2014

Orthodox Lenten Calendar Printable

Printable Lenten calendar using the line drawings from the OCA education website - color in the days with a purple crayon as you go. 

The top image is scaled to fit on Legal paper (8.5x14). The Annunciation icon is included on the bottom so you can cut it out and glue it on the correct date each year. There are also two tiny Lady Sarakosti's on the bottom edge. I cut them out and color them, then paste her to the top right corner of the calendar, with the glue just behind her head so the legs can be cut off each week.

The bottom image is scaled to fit on Letter paper (8.5 x 11) but does not include the Annunciation.


Kyriaki said...


I love this, and I love your illustrations. I've been going through your blog and 'borrowing' a lot of the printables and text based art, it's beautiful and inspirational.

I was wondering if we can get a bigger version of your Kyra Sarakosti? I don't really want a full lenten calendar on my fridge (I'm an adult without kids) but I love your version, she's less fierce looking than many of the ones I've seen and I'd love her on my fridge :D



Laura Wilson said...

Kyri - all the images here are ones that I grabbed from the OCA website... except for Lady Sarakosti - I got her from:

And it seems to originally be from the link given here: