Friday, June 20, 2014

a week of painting

The set up. Lots of plastic.

the girls, from a photo about 2 years ago

My living room, with the new prayer corner John built

Our driveway and house

I started this years ago, and just finished it up a bit. Not my usual thing, but a happy thought.

The painting on the left got re-worked a few times; the sketch on the right was the last project on the last day...

The corner shelf in our dining room, where I keep my prosfora seal

Friday morning

Pascha at St. John


Matushka Anna said...

You're so amazing!! I have a set of oils, etc., and I'm terrified to even get out a brush.

Laura Wilson said...

You're so sweet! I studied art in school, and used to paint all the time. I mostly gave it up after the kids were born because it was too messy and fume-y with little ones. It was scary to try again!

Laura Wilson said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, these are absolutely stunning. Especially that last one, which took my breath away. You have quite a talent! I'm glad you got some time to work with it.