Friday, December 12, 2014

St. Lucia Day printable

Happy St. Lucia Day! After my very hectic St. Nicholas Day, I'm planning a bit of a low key St. Lucia Day - but still some fun, since it is also a name day in our house. I meant to make a sweet yeast dough, braid it into a ring and bake like this one,  but decided a bundt cake with candles will look nicely like a St. Lucia wreath or pancakes shaped like O's? Lucy Cats with all the fun shapes are more traditional, but also more time consuming, so I'll have to pass on those this year. 

We've been making gift tags with fingerprint animals and figures, ala pinterest, which lead to the idea for this little printable. All you need is to print this page (below) and some green, red, and yellow ink. Make a fingerprint wreath and candle flames, and color the rest if you like. [You could also cut and glue on construction paper if you don't have stamping ink.] The picture above is the test picture I made today, and I'll let the kids make their own tomorrow. Afterward, while they're still all inky, I'll give them blank paper and let them make their own designs (the ones that mommy doesn't bossily tell them how to make!).  This will delight my craft loving daughter and make a special, but easy morning, I think. 

Happy St. Lucia Day!

This png is sized for a full size page. Just grab and drop on your desktop to print.

This png is sized for a half page card. Print at actual size and fold paper in half for St. Lucia card.


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