Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coloring pages for Holy Thursday and Friday

I'm home for my 40 days (thank God!), and my husband is managing the older kids on his own this Holy Week. He was anxious about the upcoming services, and asked me to get something together for them. So I put together more last minute coloring pages - these are pretty simple with clip art from other sources.

The page for Holy Thursday (or Holy Friday Matins) has the list of the 12 Gospels and 12 candles. This coloring page is not too complicated, so hopefully it will be easy to put it down when they need to stand, and then color a quick candle in between the gospels.

The Holy Friday page includes some of the words from the antiphon, "Today He who hung the earth upon the waters..." I used some images from Orthodox Arts Journal and other clip art to illustrate the juxtaposition described in the hymn. I think this would be neat to do a little more carefully and clearly with the whole hymn - but this was all I had time for now.

 Downloads are embedded below! Just click on the image to go to box where you can download or print.


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Michelle M. said...

Thanks! I linked to these in my blog post just now.