Friday, June 5, 2015

All Saints Sunday

I put together this lesson for our kids at church for All Saints Sunday, but it could also make a nice patron saint lesson. The printable includes:

1. the epistle reading for All Saints Sunday and some notes I used to prepare.
2. (and page 5) Two saint pages for children to fill in with the name of their saint, why they are a saint, and how to be like them. A box for drawing the saint is there with light lines to help young children get started. (the second page doesn't have the "St." so it can be used for the Theotokos, angels, or other saints with different titles.)
3. I didn't use the third page, but it is an extra printable with a space to draw all of your favorite saints, or perhaps your family's saints around Christ enthroned.
4. The next page has 12 circles of Christ enthroned meant to be cut out and pasted on a paper plate, and then, like number 3, you can draw saints around. We didn't get to this either.


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