Saturday, November 12, 2016

Advent Calendar Printable

I'm printing my Advent Calendars, and thought I'd share. We're doing something a little different with our printable this year. (You can see my two other 25/40 day Nativity Fast printables, but I like this one best!) We usually keep one on the fridge for the whole family, but this year, I'll print a page for each person in our family. Each day we'll write something we're grateful for or someone to pray for on the calendar. As we get closer to the manger, we'll have a long prayer list.

40 Day Advent Calendar Printable

There is a line on the edge of the manger that you can cut, and insert the baby Jesus into. A page with babies is below - it may be nice to print on cardstock. We'll probably wait and do that on Christmas Eve. Otherwise, you could paste the baby on permanently.
Baby Jesus for 40 Day Advent Calendar Printable

I love this season, but we've got a lot going on this year, so I think keeping our activities simple and focused on joy and prayer and kindness will be important. I think the prayer list-calendar will go nicely with our kindness-manger activity. We make an effort to notice one another doing kind or selfless acts, and when we notice they get to add a straw to the manger. When we are kind to others, we are softening our hearts to make room for Christ, too. Even a dark cave filled with livestock can be a welcoming place when we are kind. On Christmas morning, when the manger is brimming with soft, kind yarn, I will lay the baby in the manger. I'm looking forward to it all ready!

Kindness Manger Activity


Elissa Bjeletich said...

This is just beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing it. I agree, it's my favorite yet.

Emmie said...

What a wonderful idea the kindness manger is and I love the printables! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with us. It means so much.