Monday, May 15, 2017

Orthodox Liturgy Quiet Books

Ancient Faith is still stocking the Liturgy play mats and the printable pattern, but I also made 7 Quiet Books with some of the same elements for my Etsy shop. They don't have quite as many features as the play mat, but the do include real coins, jingle bells, and sticks dipped in real beeswax for the candles. They are for sale on Etsy.

Now that these are all finished, I'm packing up my sewing machine for awhile to focus on painting! I have a solo exhibit this fall - so many of my paintings have been removed from Etsy to be included in the show along with a whole lot of new work. So, expect to see about 30 new paintings in the shop in November!

Orthodox Liturgy Quiet Books

Ring the bell, drop in pennies in the money box.

"Light" a candle and place flowers by the icons.

Swing the censer, peek in the royal doors... see the Bread and Wine.

Read the Gospel book!


Leanne said...

I bought one of the playmats from Ancient Faith and unfortunately my kids have pulled off several pieces (including the head of the now decapitated priest!). Do you have any suggestions for a stronger adhesive for repairs? I may just sew the pieces back on too.

Laura Wilson said...

Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that! Tacky glue is generally strong enough, but if kids are pulling very hard on the parts, perhaps they should be stitched on.

Unknown said...

Do you have any idea on how to customize the book (I would like to spell my son's name on the cover). Could i just cut out felt and glue the letters? Has anybody done that?

Laura Wilson said...

You could glue on felt letters, or maybe it would be cleaner to embroider letters without going through the other side of the page?

Brownicon said...

I hope you will make and sell more of these! Please let me know if you do: mary brown ( Thank you!

Chelsea Elizabeth Greeson said...

I would love to purchase one of these if you make any more. Please let me know if you do ( Thank you!!