Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Nativity Fast Calendar (40 Day Advent) Printable (with magnets!)

I'm using my Advent Calendar from last year again, but I fancied it up a wee bit. Its included below, and you can still just print one page for your fridge and x off the days if you want. The second page has a baby you can paste on now or on Christmas, or just leave it out. Easy.

But if you want to make it reusable, you can laminate it (or use contact paper, like me).

And if you want to make some fun magnets to go with it, you can laminate the figures, too, and stick magnets on the back.

You could also try printing them on cardstock, or draw a cave and paste all the figures into the picture. Use them however you want. :)

So here's what I did:

Print both pages. Put contact paper on the front and back of each.

Cut out all the figures. Cut a slit on the black line of the manger if you want to put
the baby in the manger (otherwise you can just put the baby on the manger).

After cutting my slit, my baby kept slipping through, so I just taped a
piece of paper over the slit on the back. This baby doesn't have a magnet, so it
sits in the manger. If you put a magnet on the baby, you don't really need to cover the slit.

We had stick on magnets, so I stuck them on the back of my figures. The circles are
for moving along down the path toward Christmas.

And here it is all on the fridge. A little extra work, but we can reuse it for next year.
I'm using the star to count the days, but you could also use the little
circle with Mary and the Donkey if you prefer.

The extra figures are just around it on the fridge for fun.
You should be able to grab these images and drag them to your
desktop to print full size pages. If it seems too small, try dragging the image to
another tab, and then saving it to the desktop.

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