Saturday, December 23, 2017

Nativity Play Mat

This is desperate holiday attempt #2 to keep the toddler quiet-ish and in one place during services. This play mat went together pretty quickly, just cutting, gluing and hand-stitching. It doesn't have as many moving parts, but lots of pockets and several small toys that can move from place to place. 

based on the nativity icon

a baby sheep hide behinds a bush. The other sheep is tucked into a a pocket, but can be moved around.

The donkey is also a loose piece tucked into the large cave. My daughter likes these little plastic babies,
so there are a few extra babies in the cave!

The wise men's gifts are just shapes cut out of a cardboard box that already was yellow. They can sit in their arm's or in Mary's arms. A toy plastic camel is tucked behind a bush near the wise men.

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