Tuesday, January 28, 2014

55 maxims: living an integrated faith

Like many others, I've enjoyed returning to Fr. Hopko's 55 maxims from time to time. Fr. Stephen wrote about them recently as way of living an integrated Orthodox life, a survival skill when living as strangers in a strange land.

It prompted to make a new pretty printable. As I finished I noted his comments on the blog, encouraging you not to post them in a prominent place, which might tempt you to keep these as strict list. Glad I didn't make the check list version! I may be hanging these in my office (in a not so prominent place) to return to study them again when needed.

Please feel free to print and share. Its 300 dpi - you may want to check "fit to printable area" when printing.

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Brittany Kupanoff said...

Great blog! Just found it on Pinterest by typing Orthodox Christian quotes. Love these printables-- I just came upon these 55 maxims on Fr. Josiah Trenham's blog yesterday. What perfect timing. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!
In Christ,
Brittany (Marie)