Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 Printable Pascha Cards: Christ is Risen!

I made a new red egg Pascha card this year (see last year's card). It has "Christ is risen! Indeed he is risen!" in 4 languages: Greek, Arabic, English, and Russian. I used those 4 languages because they are the languages represented at our mission - but wouldn't it be fun to make one in many more languages?

I put together a few printable versions of it. I love, love the black and red one, but the white one uses less ink. The first two images are 8.5x11", so you may want to scale them to a half page to make a folded card. I also assembled one 8.5 x11 page with 6 cards - I'll probably print a few of those on card stock, cut them out, and let the kids write on the back. That way we can have lots to give out to friends. If they take a moment to load, its because they are large files. Click on the image, and drag it to your desktop to save (...or however you windows-users do it).

May you have a good remainder of the fast!

UPDATE: EEk! Typo corrected. And find a colorful flowery version here


Kathryn Zetts said...

Glory to Jesus Christ!
I was directed here through a search for printable Pascha cards, via Pinterest. I also am a convert to Orthodoxy. Your entries are beautiful, thank you for making them available! I thought you might like to know that your 2014 card has a typo: "indeed" was misspelled as "inded". My friends and family will receive your 2013 card this year, it is lovely!

Laura Wilson said...

Kathryn! Thanks for pointing that out - it's amazing how you can stare at something for hours and not notice! I'll correct it and repost ASAP.

Laura Wilson said...