Monday, April 14, 2014

Pascha Basket Cover design

I've been enjoying this egg design so much, I decided I want to print one as a Pascha basket cover. St. Mary Magdalene is my patron saint, and so I especially enjoy red eggs. :) I didn't get it done in time for this year, unfortunately, but this is the design I'll be printing. 

There was a typo in the card shared in the  previous post - surprisingly in the English, not one of the other languages! It's been corrected now. Certainly glad to see it before I printed the basket cover!

This is the design on Spoonflower (where I'm printing it). I originally mean to print it on linen-cotton canvas, which is nice for tea towels, but since this will be more decorative I put it on a nice cotton voile instead, to make it more like a large handkerchief. Click on the image below to see it on spoonflower where you can order your own print (or design your own!). I just love spoonflower. I will probably lay it over my basket before I decide how wide to hem it.

I also turned this design into a printable for cards, too, because why not? Below both printables are meant for letter size paper, one can be cut into six postcard style cards, or use the second image to scale down into a normal card, or whatever you like. 

(and the finished basket cover!)


Anonymous said...

I don't see the Cotton Voile in the choices of fabric to have this printed on. Can you suggest another alternative that would be nice for a Pascha basket cover? Thanks!

Laura Wilson said...

Hmmm... They must have discontinued the voile. The cotton sateen would also make a nice handkerchief type of fabric. Otherwise, the linen-cotton canvas is what they recommend for tea towels (and would be a bit sturdier). You can use their "help me choose" feature to explore the other types of fabric, as these are the only ones I have purchased.

Anonymous said...

What size should we order from spoon flower for a pascha basket in the linen cotton canvas? It looks like it's by the yard. Thanks for

Laura Wilson said...

One fat quarter is enough for one tea towel (so a yard will make 4). When ordering you choose a fabric, and then a size/amount, so you should select (1) (fat quarter).

Hermione said...

Thank you for creating this! I just ordered a yard. :)