Thursday, April 24, 2014

Holy Week

Christ is risen! 

Just a few pics from Holy Week. The services, and hymns, and smells are all so beautiful - it seems impossible to capture. Yet looking at the few photos I snagged last week warms my heart. 

Before the Taking Down from the Cross at Vespers, the tomb decorated. This brief services was one of my favorites. I loved seeing them wrap Christ in linen and carry the epitaphios to the tomb we helped to decorate. 

The girls love to collect rose petals and bay leaves on Holy Saturday. Such joy!

We usually spend some of the hours of Saturday afternoon shopping and filling our Pascha basket: cheese, sausage, red eggs, lamb, butter, wine, chocolate eggs and bunnies. Next year, God willing, if we're not in a hotel, I'll be able to fill my basket with foods I actually bake myself. :)

And Paschal Matins! The solea covered in beautiful baskets, the clergy taking turns censing the church, proclaiming "Christ is risen!" in many languages. 
Indeed he is risen!

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