Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red Eggs

I had a really wonderful time dyeing red eggs this year. Mine didn't turn out well last year, so, to be sure I had enough, I had been saving yellow onion skins pretty much since last year! I used the instructions here. She gives so many good tips, and it turned out perfectly. 

I made a lot this year to take to the skete and to our mission feast, and since I was afraid the onion skins wouldn't work, I also bought the Anatoli Greek red dye from AFP. I ended up making a batch of each, which was a fun comparison. 

our chicken's eggs of many sizes and colors!

the red dye from the yellow onion skins

leftover onion skins and the Anatoli dye 
Finished eggs! 

The Anatoli dye made a deep true red, while the yellow onion skins made a deep brownish red. Both were very nice, and neither bled onto my hands much at all (even after being kept in the fridge). I don't think he onion skins bled at all, and the Anatoli dye only did after several days, and even then not very much. I polished all with olive oil, and they were so lovely. 

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