Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bright Week

Bright Week in pictures of our table!

Bright Monday: eating brioche bread, chocolates,
and collecting all of our Lent and Holy Week coloring to staple into a keepsake. 

Lou's Holy Friday and Saturday book: page 1) putting Christ  on the cross, 2) decorating the bier,
3) taking Christ off the cross and wrapping him in the white sheet, 4) going under the bier

Bright Monday Lunch: Pizza, chess pie, cracking red eggs

Bright Tuesday Breakfast: Chess pie and salami, cereal and sausage,
paintings from the day before of the ocean, the house and the bier

Bright Wednesday: homeschool with cadbury eggs for each problem answered correctly 
Bright Thursday Lunch: reintroducing vegetables 

Bright Friday: consolidating chocolate and cleaning up...

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