Sunday, April 12, 2015

Christ is risen, and you are overthrown.

Praying with my feet - mostly in the hall, but a little in the narthex :)
Christ is risen! We celebrated our first Pascha here in Jackson. Thank God! Of course, I'm in my 40 days and have been home for most of Holy Week, but Father suggested I come sit in the hall or nursery during Pascha if I was up to it. So Mary and I came, and she slept, and I got all teary peeking in at every beautiful moment. I am overwhelmed with how richly this parish has grown, and how much beauty has been given to us.

Also this:
It is when I am concerned about the impingement of others or of circumstances upon my space, upon my desires, upon my preferences, that the fear of death overtakes me, and I am in bondage to my own desires. Ironic, isn’t it? We think that it’s freedom to be utterly unrestrained to pursue our desires, but we are actually enslaved to them, enslaved to every impingement. Every little impingement is a little death, a threat to my identity, a threat to the simulacrum I have incubated and grown in the vat of my expectations, that false self that I mistake for my actual self.
And so I lash out. Because this is not what I want. Because this is the death of that false self I hold so dear.
But resurrection changes everything. My false self can die a thousand deaths at the hands of time, circumstance, competition, and even outright enemies, but I will be raised.  Read the rest from Fr. Stephen Damick

Glory to God for all things!

Christ is risen! Our basket is on the bottom right of the photo. 

Our breakfast table
sweet sleeper and a little doll

And this video is the end of the procession. That's me sniffling at the end. :)

End of the procession during Paschal Matins. Christ is risen!

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