Thursday, August 22, 2013


What a beautiful day! I'm enjoying an afternoon in my rocking chair by the window, while the children play nearby in the sandbox. I tend to get bogged down by my worries sometimes, so moments like this - when I feel so aware of my blessings, so full of joy - are more rare than I'd like. I thought I'd try to hold on to this moment, and other like it with posts similar to Mat. Anna's daybook posts.

The house is quiet and cool. The window is open so the children's voices drift in, but it is very peaceful. I can also hear the chooks clucking happily and our young rooster finding his voice. My kitchen is half clean, and the school room is organized although littered with tiny bits of paper from the craft we finished this morning.

Our first week of homeschool is almost complete. We're on track with our lesson plans which makes me feel good about my first attempt at lesson planning! We're also finding our way into a comfortable routine, with structure and flexibility. The oldest wakes up racing to start school, and the little one rolls over and says, I wanna go back to sleep.

I'm preparing some new music for the Liturgy this week and enjoying immersing myself in the byzantine chant. Tomorrow a couple of friends are coming over to bake prosfora with me, and I'm excited about spending a little time together. I'm also wondering if I cut my groundcover roses for church - will that be like pruning to help the plants grow, or will it hurt the plant?

Glory to God for all things!

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