This is a compilation of most of the printable resources on my blog. The picture is either the printable file itself, or a link to the post where the printable file is embedded. Please feel free to use these resources in your home or parish.

--------Nativity Fast & Nativity-------

40 Day Nativity Fast Printable
(put on the fridge and move a magnet along or X the days
as you go). 25 day and black and white versions also available
in the original post.

My Favorite Nativity Fast Printable - black and white version
also available in the original post.  The infant Christ can be
 placed in the manger on Christmas. 

Baby Christ printable to go with manger calendar above. 

Printable Old Testament Timeline, with a black and white
or poster size option in the original post. I used this with our Jesse Tree.

St. Lucia Day coloring page or card - original post here.
Add wreath and flames with glitter or fingerprints.

-------Lent & Holy Week-------

 A few different versions of this Printable Calendar for Great Lent:
a simple blank version, one with services (for my parish),
and a blank version with stamps you can insert for your parish services. 

Another Lenten Calendar printed on legal paper includes
a tiny Lady Sarakosti and annunciation stamp to cut out
and paste onto the calendar. Instructions in the original post

Simple Lenten Passports,
with stamps and memory verses from Sunday's Gospel

Cartoon cards for Sundays of Lent, Lenten services, that
can be used in many ways (including bulletin boards)
and a Lady Sarakosti coloring page.

Clean Week/Canon of St. Andrew coloring pages
 - original post

Clean Week/Canon of St. Andrew coloring pages
 - original post

Memory Verse Guid for the Triodion
(taken from Sunday's Gospels)

Lenten Memory Verse Garden: memory verses
from Sunday's Gospels print on flower stems that you add to garden as you go.
Also includes extra blank stems to make your own memory verses. 

Lenten Memory Verse Tree: memory verses from Sunday's
Gospels print on leaves that you add to a tree as you go.
Also includes extra blank leaves. 

Life of St. Mary of Egypt comic - original post here.

A Holy Week Map, naming the services and commemorations 
for each day, with simple suggestions of ways children can
participate in the celebrations. Original post.

-------Pascha to Pentecost-------

Red Egg design with egg-cracking explanation. Folding
card version also available in the original post.

Pascha Red Egg Design - use as Pascha greeting cards. Full size version
and cloth pascha basket cover available in the original post

Another red egg design - full page versions also available in original post.

Red Egg Poem post - use as a poster or greeting card for Pascha

-------Feasts of the Theotokos-------

15 Day coloring calendar for the Dormition Fast.
Original post with lesson plan here. 

I made this coloring page explaining the parallels
between the Ark of the Covenant and the Theotokos

for the feast of the Nativity of the Theotokos. The original post also
includes printable matchbox covers and a lesson plan.

-------Other Feasts-------
5 printable activity pages for studying patron saints
or for All Saints Sunday - original post.

St. Simeon and the Meeting of the Lord Scroll Project
- printable scroll and instructions in the original post here. 

-------Children's Education-------

Printable Zine about the Eucharist - original post here and file below.

"Giving Thanks in the Eucharist" Zine - print and cut instructions here

40 Feast day cards for the church year. Includes 12 great feasts,
fasting seasons, and many important saints. Download link
in the original post here, or update here

Printable Church Year Wheel - The nerd in me enjoyed making
this, but in the end it wasn't very child-friendly, and we eventually
replaced it with the cards above. Download in the original post

Printable about the meaning of "mercy" with podcast and
video links on the same subject in the original post

Pop-up Cherubim card for the Church New Year. Download
and instructions in the original post

Prayer of a Student bookmarks - original post here

Prayer Copwork
Various common prayers for young children to trace

Pre-Communion Prayers Lesson
4-part lesson with drawing prompts

Prayers Before and After Meals Cards to keep
near the table to help little ones learn these prayers. Original post.

-------Pretty Printables-------

Orignal Post

Fr. Hopko's 55 maxims printable

Original Post

Another 55 Maxims printable - original post

Original Post

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